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BIILT’s Game Review of Fallout 76!

Launching your own nukes. Yes, you can launch nukes in a server of other live players. It’s not every day a game lets you launch a nuclear explosion, fight irradiated monsters, raid other player’s bases and to get to fight giant monsters. Enter Fallout 76.  

Fallout 76 is the latest in the Fallout series, Bethesda Studios’ epic masterpiece. It is the first online multiplayer game that the award-winning developers of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout game franchise have set in the modern Fallout universe.

The online prequel to the entire Fallout series is set 25 years after the nukes fell during the Great War. Vault 76 opens and the player steps out into post-apocalyptic West Virginia to find out what happened to the vault’s Overseer. Furthermore, every other surviving player in the vault and the server is a real person. Moreover, the player has the choice to either cooperate with each other or venture alone to survive in the largest and most dynamic world created in the fallout universe yet.

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First Released: November 14, 2018

Platforms: Xbox-one, PC, and PS4

Genre: RPG, Rated “M” for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language, In-Game Purchases, Users Interaction

Ratings by other Critics: “52% – Metacritic”, “5/10 –”, “60% – PC Gamer”, “GameSpot – 4/10”, “2.5/5 -GamesRadar+”



Multiplayer and playing with my best buds

Teaming up with pals and strangers is a fun way to explore and fight. The game instantly feels alive and better to journey through with friends. Additionally, players can join factions/groups to be more involved as well. Being on a team doesn’t mean we have to be constantly around each other. We can go on our own way and re-join them via fast-travel when needed. Hence, this casual approach to co-op makes Fallout 76 a great hangout experience. As players can share resources, hunt other players down in PVP, trade, call them down when outnumbered in an ambush by a mob of the Scorched and even build our structures together.

Lastly, there are real-time events as well, which are group missions that must be completed in a limited amount of time. Therefore, this brings players together as well towards a common objective and it is genuinely fun whenever such an event happens.

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The vast and huge world

One of the game’s strongest suits. The map is gigantic and filled with interesting places to explore and loot through. However, the world is hugely populated with monsters, ghouls and robots for the player to fend off in their journeys. Thus, this huge map will induce any explorer to put on their hiking boots.

This element of the game is strengthened when the player starts to build up a C.A.M.P and make it their own. C.A.M.P allows for the portable building of settlements in the game where players and their friends build buildings and structures wherever they please for protection and storage of resources. Defense mechanism can be equipped as well to protect the players’ efforts in constructing their structures from wild enemies or other hostile players. Hence, hours are guaranteed to spent on harvesting resources and breaking them down to perfect the player’s fort.

Furthermore, it is really satisfying to discover wonderful weapon and Armor recipes, and have the adequate materials to craft them on workbenches scattered over the map or with my own at my movable camp. Especially whenever you take down other players in PVP. That’s some Feels Good Man.

In conclusion, crafting and building is rewarding and makes exploring every single bit of the map, every abandoned house, street, and even vaults more attractive, mysterious and inducing.


The favorite mode of every intense gamer. PVP is available in Fallout 76. There are incentives given in taking down other players, particularly combative ones. Moreover, there is a bounty system, so as you and your friend rake up the kill counts, that price on your heads grows. Thus, the excitement and thrill will always be there as there is always someone after you.

However, if you would want a more peaceful PvE experience, the game allows you to switch off PVP mode. Additionally, if you choose to run, less damage will be received by the player. This makes the playing field fairer by cutting down “ganking” against more powerful enemies/players.

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The game will have micro-transactions, but it is mainly for cosmetic items. Bethesda’s goal is to refrain from separating the player base. So, everything boils down to skills and the grind.

The future

As an ongoing project, the development team has the opportunity to improve and better the game. Bethesda can make changes to how Fallout 76 works in the future and with confirmation from the game studio that more content is along the pipelines. Therefore, the game will only better from its current state. Moreover, Fallout 76 will receive free DLC updates for years. However, it is unclear if paid expansions are in the pipeline but everything from Bethesda has done or said thus far, suggests it wants to keep the player base on the same playing field.

There may be MODs features coming as well, however, do not expect them to arrive anytime soon.

Never asleep

According to Bethesda’s current plans, the game’s servers will never go offline. Think of World of Warcraft.


The combat system..

The combat system in Fallout 76 hasn’t improved much from previous games. It still feels underwhelming and common. 

The V.A.T.S in the previous games, which normally slow down time and let you pick which limb to fire at is not available. V.A.T.S which is based on the percentiles of success is not an option for online play as there is no way to accommodate the slow-motion head-shooting fun.

Its replacement is a system which basically allows the player to lock on to their enemies quickly and fire off shots which are based on random percentages of success. Basically, spray and pray. Which honestly isn’t adequate. There’s too much left to luck and not actual skill.

It gets lonely

The story isn’t the main focal point of the game-play and if you’re in it for the story, this game may not be for you. There are initial quest lines and there are other side quests that portray the lore of the Appalachian Wastelands. However, the game does not include any human NPCs. The game’s missions are provided through console, holotapes, and robots. There are no character development, interaction, and involvement. Hence, it is difficult to make the player feel involved as it lacks the human touch. Thus, going solo may feel lacking.

Furthermore, for the huge and vast map, the server only supports up to 24-32 players. You will see players on the map but will rarely run into them. Therefore, the game feels like a ghost town with other players that only pops out occasionally and rarely makes any massive impacts. It’s great to be in a fight and to be joined by other online players when help is needed but that feeling is usually short-lived as the other players will soon wander off to do their individual deeds.

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Overloaded interface and awkward controls

Fallout 76’s menus, as it is designed for controllers and consoles, are difficult to navigate on the keyboard. Additionally, this being a Fallout game with inventory management and base building and crafting and trading, it may take some time to get used to the awkward controls. At times you can scroll with the mouse wheel, sometimes you can’t. Moreover, some menus are closed with Escape and some with Tab. Custom key mapping is incomplete, and multi-purpose keys aren’t well thought-out.

HUD positioning is awkward, placing the compass, hunger, and thirst indicators along the bottom of the screen. As a result, I never remembered to drink water or eat food until my character was starving. Also, the compass doesn’t differentiate quest markers, so the map must be open to see which marker to follow. To add on, when you’re interacting with friends while playing the game, it’s easy to be misled by the wrong marker. That can lead to major backtracking when you finally notice that you’ve been going in the wrong direction for the past couple of minutes.

Not much upgrades in terms of Graphics?

The new game from Bethesda Studios did not have much of a graphics update as many have hoped for.

In the open world game niche, the graphics of Fallout 76 has been beaten by many in the field. Some of the textures used in the game are similar to those found in the older Fallout 4 and it pretty much made me feel as though we’re only playing a DLC to the older game. That aside, graphics have never been the franchise’s strong selling point.

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The bugs….

There has been a hefty amount of complaints of bugs. Such as quest markers not showing on maps or pointing to the wrong direction/spot, AI misfires and poor enemy pathfinding and many more.

Additionally, the buggy combat was the worst, with at times shots not landing where it is aimed at, and enemy’s health bar isn’t lowered even after landing a shot. It’s frustrating.

The controversy

The game is filled with controversy. Many who purchased the game’s $200 Power Armor Edition found that they didn’t get the product they were promised. Advertisements and marketing materials for the edition promised that it would come with a canvas duffel bag but the final version of the edition instead came with a thinner bag made of Nylon. To make amends, Bethesda decided to reimburse players with 500 Atoms (in-game currency) which only amounts to a few dollars. In a rush, Bethesda decided a few days later that players who purchased the Power Armor Edition can now receive the canvas bag for free, provided that they confirm their purchase of the game on Bethesda’s support site by January 31, 2019, with a proof of purchase.  

Days later, personal information of the users was exposed. Those who made a support ticket to request for a replacement bag were able to view others’ tickets as well which included private information such as home addresses and email addresses. Though Bethesda quickly resolves the situation and issued an apology.


Rating by BIILT: 5.5/10

In conclusion, if you’re a hardcore fan of the franchise, get the game. Plus if you’ve enjoyed Fallout 4, you’ll most likely enjoy Fallout 76. Only if you could tolerate the buggy game-play at times.

However, despite all the considerable issues with the PC version, from a personal perspective, the game was still relatively fun. The game retained the classics of exploration, harvesting, and crafting of weapons etc. The lore storytelling was enriching too. The PVP wasn’t too bad as well, especially with the bounty system. There can be improvements made to PVP for sure as I felt that there has to be a mutual consent to fight. Otherwise, with one player running away, the damage taken from the hostile player is usually too minimal to deal any significant damage.

Generally, the game failed to live up to the expectations and hype placed on it before the game’s launch. Many improvements are needed specifically to correct the bugs. At times, enemies instead of striking fear into you, makes the players giggle by looking at their buggy actions.

The game also feels like early access and the experience isn’t as polished. There aren’t any standout online features that make it feels like a multiplayer besides the PVP, which happens infrequently.

To conclude, while Fallout 76 enjoys elements of both single-player and multiplayer experiences, neither excels. However, there is still hope that the game can further improve as Bethesda continues to make further upgrades in the many patches to come. 

Can Your Current Gaming PC do the job?

Fallout-76 is an extremely intensive and demanding game because of its open world concept. Not to mention, PvP is involved. Any gamer would want to have all the edge they could possibly claw on.

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